Benefits of BILTIR Membership

The primary focus of BILTIR is to be an advocate for the long-term insurance industry on the island for matters with respect to regulatory and solvency requirements, tax matters with outside jurisdictions, and in general to provide a consistent and coherent voice for any concerns of the long-term sector in Bermuda. 


BILTIR is an influential advocate:

  • BILTIR provides a clear and cohesive voice for its members to express concerns impacting their businesses and to influence constructive change.
  • BILTIR's input directly contributes to the enhancement and growth of the long-term industry in Bermuda.


BILTIR fosters a strong relationship with the BMA:

  • BILTIR offers exposure to key industry knowledge - the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA) invites BILTIR to exclusive meetings regarding important industry matters.
  • The BMA values BILTIR input and regularly invites BILTIR to provide feedback on proposed Bermuda regulatory changes.
  • The BMA has formed several working groups with BILTIR that have successfully navigated through a wide range of complex regulatory revisions.


BILTIR keeps members informed:

  • BILTIR provides members with timely updates to the latest industry related information and regulatory updates.
  • BILTIR holds an annual conference that provides an opportunity for professional development, where conference fees are waived for employees of member companies.
  • BILTIR committees focus on specific issues relating to capital, financial reporting, regulations and tax.
  • BILTIR and its committees hold regular quarterly meetings to help members stay in tune with industry developments.


BILTIR provides networking opportunities:

  • The BILTIR annual conference and the quarterly members' meetings include networking events to facilitate the building of relationships with industry colleagues.
  • BILTIR membership provides a network of industry peers for exploring regulatory and industry questions, concerns and ideas.